Another alternative to a BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) or Rope Access is Swing Stage. Like a BMU it allows the user to access the external façade of a building.

A swing stage it a platform stage that is set up to be lowered or swung from the roof top of a building. It is a platform that is suspended by cables connected to motors located at either side of the stage. Swing stages are the most common type of suspended scaffolding, capable of being raised or lowered when in use. A swing stage must be designed by a competent person and must be erected by a person holding an advanced scaffolding or advanced rigging licence they will need to be able to:

  • Identify work requirements
  • Identify work procedures and instructions
  • Select and inspect scaffolding and associated equipment
  • Set up swing stage scaffolding
  • Install and commission scaffolding equipment
  • Dismantle scaffolding and associated equipment

All with Safety in mind.

Although most buildings would have either a BMU or Anchor points for Rope Access capacity, the swing stage remains a viable and important option especially if we are conducting  maintenance on a building facade as we do at Alpha FM.  Our maintenance arm of our company    this is not a tool we use often in the professional window cleaning trade but is an important option which we would consider it  if all our primary options were exhausted.